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Brand guidelines & Website redesign

Arena International - development and design of brand guide book including logo redesign.


To improve UX of existing website and make the process of adding events easy and more clear for Arena team

Another goal is to develop Arena International brand guidelines which never existed before to give it as a guide to follow for a team of 50+ people.

Problems to solve:

The existing website looks like from the 1990s and UI needs to change.

UX, navigation and CMS for a team is unclear and very complicated to follow.

There are no organised Brand guidelines and every person in the team creating event subpage in different style.


Well organised and very clear Brand guidelines shared as one PDF document will provide the whole team with clear UI ideas to follow. Brand guidelines include all the information about the logo and logo usage, colors, typography, images and icons style to be used. Now all the events and print materials for events look the same style even if created by different people (not designers). 

Website CMS solution is Wordpress which make managing website easy and more understandable. It helps to automate adding new events subpages.


Logo redesign - vector, Adobe Illustrator.

Brand guidelines - Photoshop, Adobe XD.

Website prototyping - UX, Photoshop, Adobe XD.

All the steps include working closely with the business stakeholders, marketing team and front and backend developers to solve the problems and reach our goals.

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